Welcome to OCAD LED

OCAD LED is a UK based LED manufacturer offering innovative energy efficient lighting for the onshore and offshore market.

OCAD LED offer our clients a full bespoke design service to fit their exact lighting requirements, whether it be a new build installation or an LED replacement/ retrofit project, our UK based design and manufacture can also offer volume focused competitive low cost manufacture. Our own Quality Control from design to install ensures that our LEDs are manufactured to the highest standards.

LIGHTING CONTROL plays an integral role in energy efficiency and optimisation of your energy reduction strategy. OCAD LED can now integrate wireless control into your lighting project. From open plan offices, occupancy sensitive areas to car park and street lighting, we can design an integrated wireless control system offering remote access control.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY is now a focus for us all: domestically and commercially. All companies large or small are now looking at their increasing energy spend and are considering technologies that can reduce their energy consumption. As most businesses require lighting to operate their day-to-day operations, LED lighting can deliver significant savings across many sectors.

JUST-IN-TIME (JIT) OCAD LED have embraced the Just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing methodology. This not only allows us to be an efficient manufacturer and supplier to our clients but in the fast moving LED technology industry, JIT allows us to offer current market leading LED technology ensuring our clients achieve maximum lumen output within minimum energy consumption.






OCAD LED are accredited by the Carbon Trust in recognition of our track record in designing and delivering high quality energy efficient lighting solutions.  For our clients who are defined as SME under Carbon Trust criteria, we can apply for grant funding of up to 15% of your lighting project costs.